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About Us

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ERPSystem_logo Hailing from a century old business from the unorganised textile sector of India, we understand the need to digitize decades old processes. We believe that we are at the critical juncture where new must meet old, to create a synergy that leads to modernisation of the entire industry, gradually. We're in it for the long haul.

ERPSystem_logo We tailor-make our ERP for your business, because we believe that you know your business better than anyone else.

ERPSystem_logo Everything we recommend has been tested on and running successfully at industry leading companies.

Key Differentiators

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ERP Software delivered as a
cloud service
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Live inventory management
and tracking
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Multi-location factory and warehouse management
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Production monitoring in real-
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24X7 outstanding management with credit control
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Dashboards and reports that provide valuable insight

End to End Customer Solution

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Requirement Gathering

The starting point of any success story is knowing what you - the business owner wants.

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Development Planning

After completing the analysis, the next stage is to design and build your product.

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In this phase, you will focus on bringing the ERP to life with actual data from your factories/ warehouses.

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Full Customer Service

Focus on full customer experience service after final product is completed.


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ERPSystem_general logo General

ERPSystem_general logo QR coded inventory with 99.99% accurate stock and order allocation, live 24x7.

ERPSystem_general logo Seamless integration with e-commerce platforms .

ERPSystem_general logo Versatile user role management with user specific dashboards.

ERPSystem_general logo Third party stock visibility with lot wise usage and tracking.

ERPSystem_general logo Order linked express challan system which eliminates picking errors.

ERPSystem_general logo Hierarchical inventory masters and notification system for precise reporting.

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ERPSystem_Account logo Accounts Integration

ERPSystem_Account logo GST compliant inwards and outwards

ERPSystem_Account logo Automated GST invoicing with logistic related details

ERPSystem_Account logo Generate E-Way bill and E-Invoice in a single click

ERPSystem_Account logo Inwards and outwards auditing from HO to avoid multiple accounts departments

ERPSystem_Account logo All sales and purchased linked directly to accounts

ERPSystem_Account logo Effortless integration with any accounting software

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ERPSystem_Manufacturing logo Manufacturing

ERPSystem_Manufacturing logo Drag and Drop production scheduler

ERPSystem_Manufacturing logo Batch production with auto batch generation logic inbuilt

ERPSystem_Manufacturing logo Process flow and process template. enabled planning

ERPSystem_Manufacturing logo Easy request for raw materials from order screen

ERPSystem_Manufacturing logo Real life scenario adaptability, covering 99.99% exceptional use cases

ERPSystem_Manufacturing logo Yarn to apparel planning visibility


Our Founders

Our Leaders having a vast experience in the Industry bring a lot of good things to the table.

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You can stop by our office for a cup of coffee or just use the contacts below for any questions and inquiries